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Fireworks and Furry Friends

This time of year can be challenging for both animals and their loving owners.
Loud bangs and whistles can cause pain, fear and stress to sensitive ears.
In fact, 62% of dogs show signs of fear during a firework display.

Here's a few tips to help.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters etc
- can you bring hutches/cages indoors or into a garage to reduce the noise?
- if not, cover hutches with blankets or an old duvet to muffle the noise, ensure they have ventilation!

Dogs and cats
- should be kept inside when fireworks are being set off. Walk dogs before dark!
- close windows, doors and curtains to minimise bangs.
- switch on the TV or radio and consider making a 'den' somewhere safe such as under a bed with an old jumper of yours to comfort them.
- it's hard but try not to cuddle or pick them up as they feel your anxiety and this can make things worse. Just stay with them, talking calmly and praising their good behaviour.

Horses and ponies
- routine is best. If they are usually stabled, keep the stabled or if turned out in the field, leave with their field mates as long as they are not close to a firework display.
- check stable interiors or external fences are safe and secure to avoid injury.
- play music outside the stable to mask sudden bangs
- make sure you stay safe as spooky behaviour can be dangerous
- stay calm and positive to reassure your horse, they sense unease in us.
- talk to your vet if needs be. A mild sedative can help a stabled horse or consider if you can move horses to a safer paddock until bonfire season is over.